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Sending emails and documents
Sending emails and documents

How to automate sending emails and documents to Parseur

15 articles
Document formats supported by ParseurTypes of documents Parseur can extract text from along with best practices
Automate email forwardsHow to setup auto forward rules to automate sending emails to Parseur
Parsing difficulties with different forwardingsForwarding with different email apps like Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, leads to different email content, even if emails look the same
Prevent unwanted documents from being parsedTwo solutions to prevent unwanted documents from being parsed in Parseur
Use your own email address to send emails to ParseurHow to white-label Parseur by using your own email address to send documents to Parseur
Send documents to Parseur using the APIHow to send text documents directly to Parseur via its API
Manage inbound email delivery delaysUse our redundant dual email addressing system to improve inbound email reliability when real time delivery is required
Split bundled PDFs into several documents?How to use the "Split Document" feature to split documents bundled in a single PDF into several ones