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Manage inbound email delivery delays
Manage inbound email delivery delays

Use our redundant dual email addressing system to improve inbound email reliability when real time delivery is required

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Contrary to modern APIs, email delivery is not a real-time protocol, and delays can (and will) sometimes happen. We picked the most reliable and respected inbound delivery partner we could find (hello, Postmark), but even with them, there could be delays.

If your business depends on real-time delivery and processing of emails, you should know about those possible delays and have a backup plan ready for when they occur.

Parseur is the only email parser on the market that offers a free and optional redundant email processing pipeline. Here is how it works:

How can I set up the dual email inbound system?

To use a redundant delivery pipeline, you will send your emails to two inbound delivery processor companies at once. Parseur will take the email it receives first and discard the other one (i.e., Parseur will reduplicate the requests so that you don't get twice your emails).

All you have to do is send your emails to two addresses in a single email: and


  • let's say you have a mailbox with the address

  • to enable redundant processing, add a CC to in the same email.

That's all!

Limitations and disclaimer

Our deduplication system works based on email MessageIDs. Consequently, it will only work if both email addresses are present in the same email.

The following setups will work:

  • Set both email addresses in the TO field of the emails

  • Set one email address in the TO field and the second one in the CC or BCC fields

The following setup WILL NOT work (you will receive emails twice, using twice the credits, and triggering twice your webhooks):

  • Send one email to and another to, even if it has the same subject and content

Alternative solutions to manage email delivery issues

There are other solutions that you can implement that can reduce the impact of delivery delays:

  1. Use our API to send us documents directly without relying on email delivery

  2. Have a backup plan ready in your organization to deal with the situation in a degraded way when email delays occur (e.g., have access to the source mailboxes, or send a CC request to a mailbox you control).

I'm using Gmail and can only setup rules that forward to a single email address at a time. How can I set up dual sending in Gmail?

In Gmail, create two forward rules:

  • one for the address

  • another for the address

Gmail will combine those rules into a single email, which will allow Parseur deduplication system to work as intended.

How can I monitor email delivery delays?

You can check for incidents on our partners' status pages:

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