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Use your own email address to send emails to Parseur
Use your own email address to send emails to Parseur

How to white-label Parseur by using your own email address to send documents to Parseur

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Here are several methods to integrate your own email address and domain with Parseur:

Option 1: Use auto-forward rules

This method is the simplest to set up. However, it's not ideal for high-volume email traffic, as email providers often limit the number of auto-forwards.

Learn more about setting up auto-forward rules through your email provider's support pages.

Option 2: Use an alias in Google Workspace (aka Google Suite, G Suite)

Suitable for businesses using G Suite and with administrative access. This method allows you to seamlessly integrate Parseur for a white label experience.

To set up a white-labeling email address with Google Workspace:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin Console as an administrator.

  2. Navigate to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > Default routing.

  3. Click Add another rule

  4. Under Specify envelope recipients to match, select Single recipient to redirect one email address or Pattern match to redirect several

  5. Enter your source address in the recipient's email address

  6. Scroll down and check box Add more recipients under Also deliver to

Option 3: Use aliases with other email providers

If you're using a different email service, similar alias features may be available. Check with your email domain administrator or service provider to see how you can redirect your business email to a Parseur mailbox.

Option 4: Use custom MX records

For enterprise users, Parseur can assist in setting up custom MX records on your domain to direct emails directly to Parseur. This service requires an Enterprise account. If you're already on an Enterprise plan, you can request a quote.

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