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Use your own email address to send emails to Parseur
Use your own email address to send emails to Parseur

How to white-label Parseur by using your own email address to send documents to Parseur

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There are several solutions to using your own email address and domain with Parseur.

Option 1: Use auto-forward rules

This option is the easiest to setup but it is not suited for a very large volume of emails. In fact, email providers usually restrict the volume of auto-forwards per day or week.

Check out this page to learn more about setting up auto-forward rules.

Option 2: Use an alias in Google Suite

Use this option if you:

  1. use Google Suite for Business emails addresses,

  2. AND have admin access to your GSuite account

With this option, you can use Parseur as a white label totally transparently.

Set up a White labeling email address with GSuite:

  1. Log into your Google Admin Console using your Administrator account

  2. Go to App > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced settings

  3. Make sure your top-level organization is highlighted at the top

  4. Scroll down to the Recipient address map section

  5. If it shows Not Configured yet, click Configure

  6. Enter a short description

  7. Under the Routing Options, select whether you want a copy of the redirected emails using the Also route to original destination checkbox

  8. Enter the address mapping. Each mapping must include two addresses on a single line, separated by a comma. Example: Let's say you want to redirect emails coming to your [email protected] email address to your Parseur mailbox [email protected]. Enter the following in the box: [email protected], [email protected]

  9. Click Add

  10. When finished, click Add setting or Save

  11. Click Save changes at the bottom of the "Email settings" page

Option 3: Use aliases in other email providers

Another email provider may offer an alias feature similar to Google Suite. Contact your email domain administrator to see what's possible in terms of redirecting your own email address to a Parseur email address.

Option 4: Use custom MX records

We can work with you to setup custom MX records on your domain that will redirect to Parseur. This option is available to Enterprise users. You can request a quote for this service on this page.

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