With Parseur, you can easily centralize all your real estate leads coming in by email and setup automated workflows. Parseur supports dozens of real estate leads platforms out of the box and allows you to easily create your own templates to support more platforms.

How to use the Real Estate predefined mailbox?

Make sure you already have a Parseur account.

If creating a new mailbox:

  • Enter the name for you mailbox
  • Click Next
  • Choose Real Estate

If you want to convert an existing custom mailbox into real estate:

  • Open your mailbox
  • Go to Settings
  • Under Mailbox type, choose Real Estate

Check out this article for general information about using predefined mailboxes.

What platforms are supported out of the box?

Here is the list of the real estate platforms currently supported by Parseur by geographies.

If you don't see a platform and are able to procure email samples, contact us on the cahat and we will be happy to add support for your platform.

United States and Canada



United Kingdom

Mexico, Central and South America

The Netherlands

Contact us on the chat if you want us to support more platforms!

What fields are extracted from real estate lead emails?

Fields extracted from one email to the next can vary depending on what information is present on the email.

The following fields are commonly extracted:

  • ActionURL: URL of the call to action button
  • AgentCompany: name of the real estate agency
  • AgentName: name of the real estate agent parsed by Parseur (see more about the Full Name format)
  • Availability: lead availability for a visit
  • CustomerAddress: lead address geolocated by Parseur (see more about the Address format)
  • CustomerDetails: information about the lead
  • CustomerMoveInTimeFrame: date at which the lead would like to move in
  • CustomerName: name of the lead parsed by Parseur (see more about the Full Name format)
  • CustomerPhone: phone number of the lead
  • Message: message from the lead
  • MessageType: type of enquiry
  • PropertyAddress: property address geolocated by Parseur (see more about the Address format)
  • PropertyDetails: information about the property being sold or rented
  • PropertyPrice: price for the property being sold or rented
  • PropertyRef: property reference number
  • PropertyURL: URL to the property listing online
  • Sender: lead email
  • Source: platform source for the lead
  • TransactionType: type of transaction (usually rent or sale)
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