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Full Text Content predefined mailbox

Use the Full Text mailbox to extract document content and metadata

Updated over a week ago

What is the Full Text Content mailbox?

Sometimes you don't want to extract specific data points from your documents. All you want is the full text content, maybe with some metadata.

In those situations, Parseur got you covered with the Full Text Content mailbox.

How to set up the Full Text Content mailbox?

Getting started with this mailbox couldn't be easier.

  • Step 1: Create a new Mailbox

  • Step 2: Select Full Text Content

Screenshot showing the Full Text Content mailbox type to select
Screenshot showing the list of all metadatas
  • Step 5: Click Done and start uploading your documents

Once you have uploaded all the documents you want to extract data from, go to the Download / Export section of your mailbox to download the parsed data or setup an automated export to an application.

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