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Mailbox options and settings

All mailbox settings and what they do

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You can access all mailbox options and settings by clicking on the Settings button in the left menu of the mailbox.

Settings are divided into 3 tabs: General, Processing, and Management.

General tab

Screen capture of the mailbox General settings tab

On the general tab, you can:

  • Change your mailbox name and the email address you use to receive documents by email.

  • Change the mailbox type. Note that if you change to another pre-defined mailbox type, Parseur will create any missing fields for the new type. So it is generally a good idea to first delete any prior fields that you weren't using. If you change to a custom mailbox, Parseur will keep existing fields, but you won't be able to use templates managed by Parseur.

  • Enable or disable the AI engine. More information about the AI parsing engine.

  • Configure your data retention. More information about setting your data retention policy.

  • Set the timezone to use when parsing dates and times. This setting will override the timezone set at your account level. More information about parsing dates and times.

Processing tab

Screen capture of the mailbox Processing settings tab

On the general tab, you can:

  • Enable or disable the document split feature. This option is the same as the one available in the Upload/Import section of your mailbox. Learn more about using the Document Split feature.

  • Configure email processing options: you can process both email content and attachments (default), email content only, or attachments only.

  • Force Parseur to perform OCR for all incoming PDFs. Use this option if you have PDFs that used poor-quality OCR software and show weird or missing extracted text. Note that this option is global to the mailbox, so if only a subset of your documents need the Force OCR feature, we recommend you move those documents into a separate mailbox where this option is activated.

  • Expand the field names in your results. For example, a field named with the value "John" will be expanded into the following JSON-parsed data: { "user": { "name": "John" } }

Management tab

In the Management tab, you can copy and delete your mailbox.

How do I delete a mailbox?

Important: Before deleting a mailbox, please make sure that you have stopped all automatic email forwards or document creation automations to this mailbox.

To delete a mailbox:

  • Open the mailbox

  • Click on Settings in the left menu

  • Click on Management

  • Click on Delete Mailbox

  • Once you have confirmed you don't have email automatic forwards, check the box "Yes, I stopped automatic email forwards to this mailbox."

How do I copy a mailbox?

Copying a mailbox will copy all settings, fields, and templates, but it won't copy any of the documents.

To copy a mailbox:

  • Open the mailbox

  • Click on Settings in the left menu

  • Click on Management

  • Click on Duplicate Mailbox

Wait for a few seconds, and the new mailbox will appear in your account. You can change its name and email address in the settings.

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