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Split bundled PDFs into several documents?
Split bundled PDFs into several documents?

How to use the "Split Document" feature to split documents bundled in a single PDF into several ones

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Sometimes, your PDF contains several documents bundled into a single file. You can create a template or use the AI engine to extract the data from the first document in the PDF, but in order for Parseur to extract the data from all documents, you need to split those PDFs into separate documents. This will have the same effect as looping through every document in the bundled file.

Parseur lets you do just that by using the "Document Split" feature.

You can set up your mailbox to split PDFs every X pages in the Import / Upload page:

  • Open your mailbox

  • Click on Upload / Import in the left menu

  • Check the Split incoming PDFs every X page into individual documents box

  • Enter the number of pages you want Parseur to split your PDFs into.

  • Click Save

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Parseur only processing the first page?

If you have repeating data on every page, you need to use the split document feature described above so that Parseur can extract the data on every single page. You will need to delete the document and re-upload it again.

What's the difference between Split Document and Table Fields?

Both features capture repeatable fields, but their applications differ:

  • Use Split Document when the original document has the same fields repeated across pages. This feature will split the original document into separate documents for individual data extraction.

  • Use Table Fields to capture data formatted as lists or tables that repeat within a single page or across multiple pages.

Combine both features if dealing with a single PDF that contains multiple documents, each with its own tables.

Can I have different splitting settings for different types of documents?

Document split settings are global for a mailbox. If you need to parse documents with different split settings, change the number of pages at every upload or create a specific mailbox for each type of document.

Can I split a PDF into separate documents if the documents have a different number of pages?

At the moment, you can only split a PDF into separate documents that have the same number of pages. If this is a feature you require, please add it to our feature request board.

Can I split a document based on a specific keyword on a page?

Not at the moment. If this is a feature you require, please add it to our feature request board.

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