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Control document retention policy
Control document retention policy

Choose how long should Parseur keep your documents for

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What is a document retention policy and how does it work?

A document retention policy tells Parseur how long to wait before automatically deleting your documents.

Documents older than the set policy in a mailbox are deleted once a day, at midnight UTC.

Default retention policy: 90 days

When you create a mailbox, Parseur will set its document retention policy to 90 days by default.

Change the retention policy

You can adjust the retention policy on each mailbox from 1 day to unlimited.

To do so:

  • Open your parseur mailbox

  • Click on Settings

  • Change the retention policy using the drop down

  • Scroll down and click the Save button

Note: for users on the Free plan, the retention policy is limited to a maximum of 90 days.

Set you document retention policy in your mailbox settings

Retention policy for sample documents of OCR templates

The retention policy is not applied to documents used as samples in OCR templates. This is done so that you can make changes to those templates.

You can still delete those sample documents manually, at the risk of not being able to update the related templates anymore if it was their only sample.

Retention Policy and Google Sheets' IMPORTDATA() formula

When using the default IMPORTDATA() formula to get your parsed data into Google Sheets, the formula will synchronize the data with your mailbox. What that means is that the documents deleted during the retention policy will also disappear from your Google Sheets. If you want to keep all the data in your spreadsheets, you can either:

  • Increase the retention policy in your mailbox settings

  • OR use a platform like Zapier or Make to send your data to Google Sheets, rather than using the IMPORTDATA formula.

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