Format parsed data as a number

Convert and format fields into numbers, decimals and integers

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This article assumes you know how to use field formats to normalize and format your data in Parseur. Check out this article for more information.

Number format

Parseur lets you easily parse numbers (including spaces, commas, etc) into real numbers using the Number format.

The "Number" format will transform any number represented in a text into a "real" number.

It will strip out any space, commas and additional formatting characters from the number.

Changing the decimal separator

By default, Parseur will use the period character (".") as the decimal separator.

If your documents use the comma (","), change your preferences. You can change those settings at the account level (to apply them to all mailboxes), at the mailbox level, or at the template-level. Settings at template-level override those at mailbox-level which override the ones at account-level.

Changing the decimal separator globally at account-level

Go to your account settings and update the Decimal separator configuration.

Change decimal separator setting at account level

Changing the decimal separator at mailbox-level

  • Open your mailbox

  • Click on Settings

  • Scroll to the bottom of the General tab

  • Click Save

Change decimal separator settings at mailbox level

Changing the decimal separator at template-level

  • Open your template

  • Click on Settings

  • Change the separator

  • Click Update

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