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Property bookings predefined mailbox
Updated over a week ago

When you create a "Property Booking" mailbox, Parseur can automatically parse emails and documents related to hotel bookings, short-term rentals, and vacation rentals.

How to use the Property Bookings predefined mailbox?

If creating a new mailbox:

  1. Choose Property Bookings as the type of mailbox

  2. Enter the name of your mailbox (optional)

  3. Click Create

If you want to convert an existing custom mailbox into property bookings:

  1. Open your mailbox

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Under Mailbox type, choose Property Bookings

  4. Click Save

Check out this article for general information about using predefined mailboxes.

What booking platforms are supported out of the box?

Parseur currently supports these platforms:

Let us know if you need support for another platform, and we will add it to this list if the demand is strong enough.

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