This article describe how to control your mailboxes via its native REST HTTPS API

Parseur API Authentication

Parseur API uses a token-based authentication.

You will find your API Token Key in your Account Overview .

For clients to authenticate, the token key should be included in the Authorization HTTP header. The key should be prefixed by the string literal "Token", with white space separating the two strings. For example:

Authorization: Token 1234d45678c90bcf1234fe123ddae4aabbc6abcd

Unauthenticated responses that are denied permission will result in an  HTTP 403 Unauthorized response with an appropriate WWW-Authenticate header. For example:

WWW-Authenticate: Token

The curl command line tool may be useful for testing token authenticated APIs. For example:

curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Token <enter-your-token-here>"

Manage Mailboxes

As per standard REST protocol:

  • You can list your mailboxes with a GET request on /parser
  • You can create a mailbox with a POST request on /parser
  • You can retrieve a mailbox with a GET request on /parser/:mailbox_id
  • You can update a mailbox with a PUT or POST request on /parser/:mailbox_id

Manage Documents in a mailbox

  • To send a document via API, check out this article
  • You can list your documents in a given mailbox with a GET request on /parser/:mailbox_id/document_set
  • You can retrieve a document and parsed result with a GET request on /document/:document_id

Manage Templates in a mailbox

  • You can list your templates in a given mailbox with a GET request on /parser/:mailbox_id/template_set

Manage parsed data

  • Parseur can send parsed data in real time to your server via its Webhook feature. Check out this article about using webhooks with Parseur.



All GET request that returns a list of documents, templates and mailboxes support the pagination by appending a page option to the URL

For example: /parser?page=12

Do more with the API

This article just lists the most common use cases of using out API. There is much more you can do, feel free to ask us for more details!

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