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Get notifications for failed document processing
Get notifications for failed document processing

How to setup notifications for documents that failed to parse (status = "New Template Needed")

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Parseur offers several ways to get notified when a document fails to process.

By email

When a document cannot be parsed, Parseur notifies you by email that something went wrong.

In order to limit spamming, Parseur applies a cooldown waiting period between 2 notification emails. By default, the cool down time is 1 hour. You can change that delay in your notification preferences.

By webhook:

You can setup a webhook to trigger the "Template Needed" event and get notified by an HTTP POST. Webhook will be triggered for every failure, no cool down period is applied.

Webhook payload contains:

  • Name of the document

  • Email prefix of the mailbox

  • URL of the document in the Parseur app

  • Any other Metadata fields configured for this mailbox

By a zap:

You can be notified in Zapier by setting up a zap on the "Document not processed" trigger. Data sent to Zapier is the same as the webhook payload described above.

Best practices for handling parsing errors

When processing a large number of documents, especially if there is a need for real time parsing, it is generally recommended to setup a Webhook or Zap to trigger failed parsing.

We recommend adding the TextDocument or HTMLDocument metadata fields so that the full content of the document be sent with the notification. This way, you can implement a backup workflow where an operator could quickly create a new template or handle manual parsing in case the document couldn't be parsed.

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