Invite and manage users (beta)

How to use the multi-user feature to collaborate to your mailboxes

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Note: This feature is available exclusively on the Pro plan or higher.

How do I invite users to my account?

Go to Account then click on Team members in the left menu.

The page will show the list of all existing members and any pending invitations.

To invite a new user

  • Enter their email

  • Select their role (details below)

  • For the 'Restricted' role, choose accessible mailboxes (modifiable later).

  • Click Invite They'll receive an email with joining instructions.

What roles can I give to a member?

You can assign one of the following three roles to a member:

  • Admin: Full control, including billing and team management.

  • Editor: Access to all mailboxes, can create and modify them; but no access to billing or team settings.

  • Restricted: Only access assigned mailboxes; no mailbox creation or deletion. Can modify mailbox settings, but not account settings.

How do I accept an invitation?

  • Upon receiving an invitation email, click the acceptance button within it.

  • Invitations expire after 72 hours. If it has expired, ask the account manager who sent you the original invite to resend one.

While in beta, it is not possible to switch accounts. If you already have a Parseur account and accept an invitation to a new account, you will lose access to your mailboxes from the other account(s). You can contact us to regain access to your old account or ask us to copy your mailbox from one account to another.

How can I manage invitations and members?

  • To withdraw an invitation or remove a member, use the "Withdraw" or "Remove" buttons, respectively. Removed members revert to their initial account.

  • Accounts must have at least one member. If you wish to delete your account, including all mailboxes, documents and templates, navigate to Accounts within your mailbox and click the "Delete Account" button at the bottom

How can I manage roles and access for members?

  • As an Admin, you can edit member roles and their mailbox access by clicking 'Edit' next to their name in the table.

  • Changes are updated immediately on the server

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