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Create your first Parseur mailbox
Create your first Parseur mailbox
How to set up your first mailbox in Parseur and send your first document
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In this tutorial, we will describe step-by-step how to setup Parseur to extract text from your emails and PDFs. To order to get the most out of it, we recommend that you follow this tutorial by creating your mailbox.


If you haven't done so already, create a Parseur account; it's free!

Example for this tutorial: extract data from invoices

We'll take the simple example of an accounting department that receives many PDF invoices from a particular supplier and needs to input the details into their accounting software.

From each invoice, they want to capture the invoice number, date, amount, along with any other information available.

Understand the Parseur home screen

From the home screen, you can:

  • View all your mailboxes (if any).

  • Create a new mailbox.

  • Access and update your account information and plan.

  • Collapse and expand the left menu.

  • Check how many credits you used this period.

  • Open the chatbox to get in touch with us.

Let's go ahead and create our first mailbox.

Step 1: Select the type of document to process

The first step is to tell Parseur which type of document you want to parse. If you choose one of the predefined mailbox types, Parseur will create a default set of fields to use. It will also let you use any of Parseur predefined templates for this type of document and improve field suggestions when creating custom templates.

If none of the documents match what you want to parse, select Other.

Step 2: Change the name of your mailbox (optional)

Once you have entered the document type, Parseur will generate a unique mailbox name that will serve as the base to generate the mailbox email address.

You can change that default name if you'd like.

Click Create, and Parseur will create your mailbox

Step 3: Send your first document

Now you can either:

  • Send your first document using the email address Parseur created for you

  • Upload your document directly in the app

Option 1: send your first email

Click on the Copy address to clipboard button and forward your first email to the given email address. Then, wait for the email to be received in Parseur. It usually only takes a few seconds. You can attach PDFs and spreadsheets to your emails and they will appear as separate documents.

Pro tip: for best results if you want to extract text from emails, we recommend you set up auto-forward rules to automate the forwarding of emails to Parseur (see at the end of the article).

Emails are usually received within a few seconds after being sent but can take up to 1 minute.

Option 2: upload the document directly from the app

  • Drag and drop a document on the page, or click on the gray area to open the file browser.

  • Select the file(s) you want to extract data from and wait for them to be uploaded. You can drop or select several files at once

Pro tip: you can drag and drop your files from any page inside a mailbox to upload your document !

Ready! ๐Ÿš€

Once Parseur receives your first email or document, the page will automatically update.

Click on the name of the document to view it

Congratulations, you just created your first mailbox and sent your first document! ๐Ÿš€


  • If you have chosen an industry-specific mailbox and Parseur already has support for the document you sent, it will automatically be processed. Go ahead and open that document to check the parsed result.

  • Otherwise, you will now need to create a template to tell Parseur what data points to extract from the email. Check the section below for additional information.

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