In this tutorial, we will describe, step by step, how to use an email parser to automatically extract text from emails. In order to get the most out of it, we recommend that you follow along this tutorial by creating your own mailbox.

Example for this tutorial: track website registrations

We'll take the real example of a travel website that sends an email to administrators every time a new user registers. Administrators want to convert all registration emails to Excel in order to keep track of them automatically and understand how changes to the website impact registrations.

From each email, they want to capture the user name, email, profile link and date when user registered.

Step 1: Create a new mailbox

Log in to your Parseur account, enter a name for your new mailbox and click "Next".

Step 2: Select the type of documents you will send

After naming your mailbox, click next and enter the type of documents you want to parse.

If you select one of the industry-specific mailbox type, you will be able to use our library of ready-made templates for that industry.

If your documents don't fit any industry, select "Custom emails", or "Custom emails and attachments" if you'd like to also extract information from attachments.

Click Next again and Parseur will create an email address for it.

Step 3: Send your first email

Click on the Copy to clipboard button and forward your first email to the given email address.

Then, wait for the email to be received in Parseur.

Pro tip: for best results, we recommend you to always send emails to a mailbox using the same email client (Gmail, Outlook, Apple mail etc.) as email clients can change the content of emails and make parsing less reliable. Even better, set up auto-forward rules to automate forwarding of emails to Parseur (see at the end of the article)

Emails are usually received within a few seconds after being sent but can take up to 1 minute.

The page updates automatically upon email reception.

Congratulations, you just created your first mailbox and sent your first email!

If you have chosen an industry-specific mailbox and Parseur already has support for the email you sent, the email will automatically be processed. Go ahead and open that document to check the parsed result.

Otherwise, you will now need to create a template to tell Parseur what data points to extract from the email. Check the section below for additional information.

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