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Parse a person's name into first, middle and last automatically
Parse a person's name into first, middle and last automatically

How to extract the title, first, middle and last name from a person's name

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This article assumes you know how to use field formats to normalize and format your data in Parseur. Check out this article for more information.

Full Name format

Working with Person's names can be hard. On top of the usual firstname lastname sequence, some people can have a middle name, or a title or choose to only leave their first name on your form. That makes parsing complex.

The Full Name format in Parseur makes it easy to automatically parse a person's name.

For example, say you have the following name in your document: Mr. Enrique S. de la Vega

Capturing that name in a field named "LeadName" with a Full Name format will give you the following result:

  • LeadName.title: Mr.

  • LeadName.first: Enrique

  • LeadName.middle: S.

  • LeadName.last: de la Vega

  • LeadName.full: Mr. Enrique S. de la Vega

Current limitation

Our current name parsing algorithm is primarily able to parse English and Western forms of names.

It may give varying results for names that have other conventions like Slavic, Chinese or Latin names.

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