Sometimes, you want to add a value to the parsed result that isn't found in the documents you are parsing. For example, you want to add an ID or a Category that you'll use later in your app or CRM. 

Parseur allows you to set such custom values using Static Fields. Let's see how!

What are Static Fields?

As their names suggest, Static Fields are manually typed in, fixed values. That is in contrast to normal Field values that are extracted from the text and can change from one document to another.

Static Fields are attached to a template, that means:

  • You can setup different values for Static Fields depending on the type of documents you receive in your mailbox and the template they match
  • You can have a normal Field in a template and have that same field be a Static Field in another template.

How to setup a Static Field?

To add a static field to a template:

Step 1 - Open a template in the template editor (or create a new one)

Step 2 - In the field list to the right of the editor, click on the down arrow to reveal the drop down menu

Step 3 - Click on Static

Step 4 - The list of available and in-use static fields appears:

  • To assign a custom value to a new field click "New Static Field"
  • Enter a name for that field
  • Enter the value associated to that field's name
  • To assign a custom value to an existing field, locate this field in the list, click "Set static value" and enter the value

Step 5 - Save the field. 

Its name and value now appear in the list. 

You now see the total number of fields hidden by the drop down arrow in the top tab (+1 in the screen capture above)

Step 6
- Once you've made all changes to the template, save it

Step 7 - Test your changes by either:

  • sending a new email 
  • or reprocessing an existing one using the "refresh" button icon next to a document

How to edit or delete a Static Field?

To edit or delete a Static Field from your template.

Repeat steps 1 to 4 above.


  • To edit a field, click on the "edit" button
  • To remove a field click on the "minus" button
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